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Who I Am and What I Stand For

I can help your business improve and grow.

I have 36 years of success in the telecommunications industry.  My background includes excellence in many areas.  I started in Sales, where I was lead producer in the sales center.  Seeking more technical experience, I moved into a position in Network Engineering and Operations.  My next role was in Regulatory Affairs where I brought the technical expertise I had gained into regulatory and legislative advocacy.  For the most recent 13 years, I have been leading teams improving customer experience through supply chain relations.  I have written contracts, managed quality of service, enforced SLAs, created scorecards and implemented remediation programs for vendors that have not met expectations. I have created an environment where my vendors know they must be highly competitive, both on price and quality, to win new business.

I am a high energy passionate leader. The teams I have led have been highly motivated and successful.  We have always made our goals, while treating each other according to the golden rule, of which I am a huge proponent.  My oral and written communication skills, within my team, across teams, and at all levels of the organization, are extraordinary. 

I love to learn - I have not just one but two masters degrees. I don't just learn for the sake of learning though.  I use my learnings to innovate and create better and more efficient results. My MBA has been a great foundation for all the business administration skills required in my career. My Masters in Telecommunications has provided a great foundation for understanding and implementing all the new, and ever changing, networking tools that are necessary today to compete and win. I never stop learning.

I am active in the community as well.  I have been the VP of Operations for AT&T Kansas City ERG HACEMOS for the past two years and have been awarded the Presidential Volunteer award two years in a row for exceeding 100 hours of volunteer service.

My skill set includes, but is not limited to: supply chain management, financial reporting, cost analysis, forecasting, gap analysis and process improvement, SLAs, communication with client/leadership, risk analysis, software tools, contract development and life cycle management, best practices, technology, networks, leadership, motivation, telecommunications, report development, data analytics, application programming interfaces, automation, sales, regulations, expert witnessing, innovation.

I live in Overland Park, KS with my beautiful wife of 36 years along with our two dogs Rusty and Pepper.  We have two adult sons - one in Kansas City and one in West Palm Beach, FL. We are big fans of the Chiefs, Royals and Jayhawks.